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How to get free robux?

Last updated: 13 OCT 2022

On bloxearn.com there are multiple ways for you to get yourself some free robux. Bloxearn.com is one of the best free robux websites there are. Fast claims and good support in our discord server!

Offerwalls are the main source of robux for most of our users. Offerwalls are basically lists of offers you can complete to get robux. These offers range from easy to hard and with that the amount of robux you get changes per offer aswell.Some offers just require you to watch a video while others could be like installing a mobile app/game.Mobile apps and games are usually the easiest to complete, but survey offers give more robux.


Tasks are also a good way to get free robux. Whenever you complete an offer that is over 1 robux it will count towards your tasks. For example: if you complete 20 offers you get an extra 35 robux without doing anything else!

Hourly Giveaway

Every single hour we host a giveaway on our site, you can join these without having to do any offer!


Referrals are a way to earn free robux by inviting new users to our website! You will receive a percentage of the earnings of all new users you invite to our website.